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maison angela nobile sicilia abiti da sposa
Maiosn Angela Nobile logo

A Sicilian brand that combines tradition and innovation

Su di noi

The beauty of nature, the mastery of Angela Nobile: the perfect match

wedding dress detail

A wedding dress

“A flower that blooms”

Flowers are a real gift that nature gives us in all its splendor through absolutely enchanting, light and delicate shapes and colours. Knowing the beauty of nature that hides within it and waiting for the biological process is comparable to the process of its clothes.
Angela Nobile's clothes they are simple and precious. The richness is visible not only on the fabrics but in the preciousness of the handmade embroidery and lace. The flowers and lace that decorate the dresses distinguishing them are the result of hours of study, of creations one by one with careful work and patience.
She creates by looking at the nature that surrounds her, its colors, the flowers of its garden and creates, paints, models and decorates; ready to caress the silk of her clothes. Couture details that give her clothes a unique value. Clothes that are conceived, designed and designed byAngela Noble ensuring the use ofnatural fiber fabrics and a sartorial quality that is becoming increasingly rare to find.A brand that tells of Sicilian natureconstantly evolving and contemporary, creating a fusion between many cultures, arts and styles.

angelA NOBILE embroidery
Modica Maison Angela Nobile

A refined and timeless Sicily
Dresses with a refined taste, made of delicacy and elegance

Modica Maison Angela Nobile

Acollectionit comes from a thought, from a color, from a painting, from a sensation, from a blank sheet of paper that awaits the hand that develops the image with small pencil strokes, the dreamy personality that distinguishes every woman. The study of art, a source of inspiration, the paintings of an artistBerthe Morisot, its colors, the strength of a woman to believe in what she does and fight to make her dreams come true is completed with the birth of the collection.

Modica Maison Angela Nobile

In the Collection, Angela Noble transmits its Sicilian character with elegance, creating a fusion between the contemporary and the techniques of the ancient arts of embroidery.
The clothes made with careful attention and meticulousness are enriched by precious embroidery created by the designer with designs recovered from the family archives and innovated following the techniques of high fashion embroidery and creating a fusion.
Everything is finedress is a new project, fantasy and running imagination: thin silk lace as if it were lace and filigree, silk, embroidered and modeled flowers allow the creation of a one-of-a-kind dress, entering a world that loves to converse with art. Touches of pastel color that take us back to the Sicilian countryside characterized by fragrant aromatic herbs and wild flowers are his source of inspiration.
“Having nature in your hands and reworking it following your emotions.”
There is so much poetry in the creation of a dress: the poetry of fashion that represents the different, the creative impulse that materializes in the creation of unique works that can converse with art.

Modica Maison Angela Nobile

A refined and timeless Sicily
Dresses with a refined taste, made of delicacy and elegance

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