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maison angela nobile sicilia abiti da sposa
Maiosn Angela Nobile logo

Elegance and passion Made in Sicily
My fashion house

Su di noi

Sicilian Identity, Angela Nobile's artistic brand

In every seam and in every detail, the soul of Sicily comes to life in her wedding dresses. Each piece is an affectionate tribute to his  native land, a hymn to Sicily that flows through fabrics and colors, making each creation an authentic statement of style and identity.Maison Angela Nobileit's the place for you. Angela,fashion designer, he always had a greatdream: bringing back to life the lost art of creating clothes starting from the choice of fabrics and embroidery. Hisfashion house it is the fruit of onein-depth study which has developed over the years, afascinating world, where tradition meets creativity andinspiration flows from books about the Fontana sisters and the Maison Christian Dior. Angela Nobile was able to create something extraordinary,something that smells like authentic fashion: every item produced here is a unique work of art, different from all the others. This is the magic of Maison Angela Nobile, the ability to give life to clothes that carry with them adistinctive identity.

maison angela nobile sicilia abiti da sposa

Every dress a flower

Each flower an embroidery

Every dress is poetry

Watercolors and nature, a source of inspiration

Immersed betweendry stone walls Andalmond blossoms, toModica, the Maison was born in a natural environment that inspires every creation. THEwatercolor colors and thepastel shades dominate the palette of Maison Angela Nobile: these tones transmitthe essence of Sicily, a region rich in culture and history. Here you will find pieces that are a statement of beauty and individuality.

Modica Maison Angela Nobile

Scent of Sicily

ThereSiciliannessflows in every item of clothing created by Angela. The palette of soft and pastel colors used are a vibrant and sincere homage to the chromatic richness of Sicily, ms the true magic is revealed in the fabrics, embracing the lightness of silk with the refinement and uniqueness of the lace. Every detail, every floral motif, is a gesture of love for the art of embroidery, transforming a simple item of clothing into a work of art. 

maison angela nobile sicilia wedding dresses

Meticulous and tailor-made tailoring

Maison Angela Nobile does not stop at mass production. Here, each garment is made with meticulous attention to detail and thetailoringit's a priority. Each suit can be made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit and a bespoke luxury feel. Everything you will find here is the result of Angela's hard work and dedication: frominitial drawing to production in its ownartisan workshop, every step of the process is personally taken care of by her. This is a fashion house with a soul, a place where passion for fashion meets craftsmanship.

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